Key West voters to decide on potential affordable housing land

Key West voters answered a resounding yes on Tuesday, paving the way for more than 100 units of workforce housing at city-owned Truman Waterfront.

Overwhelmed by the recent changes taking place in their community, residents have started to take action. The election last night saw a high turn out rate with only 17% voting but it was enough as nearly 70% authorized long-term lease agreements between themselves and Dublin citizens!

Key West residents voted to pass an historic referendum that will allow the city of Key west, Florida (USA)to build affordable housing on public property.

It looks like our approval was a sure thing! Over 73% of the time, people voted yes for what we proposed.

“In order to apply for subsidized housing funds from grants and the government, we need control of a parcel that is at least 50 years old,” said Scott Pridgen. “To get this approval requires long term commitment by our organization.”

“We’ve done this before, haven’t we?” Ali’s smile broadened as he explained how their success proves they can handle anything thrown at them.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Pridgen. “This is just the beginning of real change for our community.”

“This is a momentous occasion,” said City Commissioner Clayton Lopez. “For years, we’ve asked for this housing and now that it’s finally here; I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.”

“I am so happy that the people of Key West have shown their support for this project time and again,” said Councilwoman Eileen Lopez. “We are finally able get ahead with making affordable housing a reality on our property!”

The city is negotiating a deal with The Lofts group that would include up to 126 total units, 98 one-to three bedroom rental apartments and 28 two+ bedrooms affordable ownership home. This housing will be built on 3 acres of land located at Truman Waterfront which was donated by the navy 20 years ago; however there’s still some fencing left where it once stood before being replaced recently with state-of -the art turf fields made specifically for soccer games played throughout springtime months like we have now here in Chicago!

The red circle on the above diagram of Truman Waterfront Park shows the 3.2 acres slated for affordable housing. CITY OF KEY WEST/Contributed

“Once the referendum passes, we can launch our interactive website to see how many people qualify for rentals and mortgages and determine how many units to build in each income category,” Pridgen said.

As part of City efforts to create affordable housing, 3.2 acres at Truman Waterfront Park were designated for this purpose by an agreement between KEY WEST and their developers with funds provided throughBrownfield Community Maritime Project (BCMP).

It’s important to understand the different income brackets in American society. For example, a two-person household that makes up $48,850 per year or less is considered “at 60% of AMI” and falls into what we would refer as very lowincome territory; this means there might be some challenges buying groceries every day for your family if you don’t have any other source(s)of funds available like coupons/discounts at stores where they trade food items off their shelves instead because someone else bought them something cheaper than usual so make sure nothing goes wasted!


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