Florida Keys Marathon


Located in the middle of the Florida Keys, Marathon is the center of all the Keys. Marathon is a tropical town with some of the best watersports anywhere in the world with extraordinary historic scenery.

Bridge fishing at Marathon and the Middle Keys is only one of the many activities that locals and visitors enjoy on a sunny day. The Middle keys are composed of the small keys located east of Marathon town, providing a series of interlinked activities for all.

Apart from a few world-class restaurants, Marathon has numerous small eateries and fast food chains. Lodging ranges from old-style motels to modern resorts and vacation rentals.

The shopping area includes grocery stores, bait shops, and more, including a Home Depot. Marathon has a significant number of Marinas scattered throughout the Middle Keys, where you can find boat and kayaks rentals, as well as charter operators.

Main town is only 3 feet over the sea level, and has an average temperature of 67.7º Fahrenheit during the winter and 83º Fahrenheit in the summer and rain precipitation never exceeds 2.1 inches in winter and not more than 6.4 inches during summer.

The Museums and Nature Center of Crane Point Hammock is one of the main attractions in Marathon encompassing most of the museums and cultural center of the Middle Keys, revealing some of the background of this place as a former fishing village in the 1800s.

Nevertheless, history is still alive in other points of the middle Keys, such as Pigeon Key, one of the smallest islands, where workers who built Flagler’s railroad to Key West once lived.

Marathon’s impeccable beaches include the famous Sombrero Beach, popular spot for fishing, snorkeling and diving. This beach has been declared one of the most beautiful sections of the only living coral barrier reef in the United States.

This coral barrier reef is only a few miles offshore Marathon and is protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. There are many tours and day trip to the reef section for those who enjoy all of the maritime treasures.

The wellness of humans and animals alike is the town’s priority. There is a 58-bed hospital, and a Turtle hospital, where this endangered species is protected and rescued from human predation. The Dolphin Research Center has the same merit caring for Dolphins and other sea mammals.

Walking trails with tropical trees and wild flowers are the prelude to the annual Seven Mile Bridge Run with 15,000 runners participating each April over the longest segmented bridge in the world.

Marathon is not far from Miami and even driving, you can leave early in the morning and get here on time to enjoy the day, going back home late at night.

However, if you want to spend a day fishing, remember that some areas in Marathon are intended only for eco-tourism and fish viewing. The Visitors Center at the local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with all the information you need on this matter.

You can also request brochures, maps, and travel planers even before leave your actual location and get the most of your visit to the Florida Keys, which is one of the most rewarding tourist destinations in America.

Adventures limited to the single beach in Marathon, but the Sombrero Beach Park allows you boat access to the adjacent Boot Key to enjoy walking and exploring on the beach where there are lots of natural treasures.

Coco Plum Beach is located on one of the ends of Marathon, a rarely visited place where you can enjoy beachcombing and bird watching before go back to your hotel.

Talking about birds, Marathon’s popular water birds are birds that you cannot see anywhere along the Middle Keys except here. In Coco Plum beach, a small lagoon, and surrounding mangroves, scrubs and sand makes bird watching an exotic experience.

Away from the Seven Mile Bridge, people can find a popular activity, walking along a large number of abandoned bridges, originally part of the Overseas Highway, today covered by turtle grass and sand flats, where you can walk and even fish at the Seven Mile Bridge.

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