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 Key West

Situated in the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, Key West is the finale of wonders found along the road after leaving America’s mainland. From the Business District, located downtown at Duval Street, to Mallory Square the city is a carnival right from dawn.

Key West is the only city in the Florida Keys with an international airport, making the access easier from any location around the world. Even so, a large number of visitors enjoy driving along the scenic U.S. Highway 1, crossing more than 40 bridges before getting here.

Known as the American point closest to Havana Cuba, Key West offers a lifestyle full of Caribbean charm. Exotic trees and exuberant tropical foliage invite the traveler to enjoy the streets as much as the beaches and natural trails on this island.

Even the strange and unusual have a place to go visiting haunted Key West and the tales that bring Ernest Hemingway back to life each year during the month of July, the time of the year when fans celebrate his life, and more than one has claimed to have seen his ghost around.

The ghost of U.S., the lady in blue, and many other hauntings and supernatural experiences are a common thing for those who dare to explore this phenomenon, including tales of voodoo curses and visits to strange grottos and bizarre cemeteries.

All Key West is paradise. Cafes and bars with this name, stores, hotels, beauty parlors, and even newspapers and magazines evoke the city as the paradise on earth and people who live here have no doubt this statement is true.

The weather here only confirms the conceptual idea that most of us have about how paradise should be. You’ll find crystal clear waters, magnificent blue sky, lush vegetation, and sun shining all year round, even in spite of the rain creating splendorous rainbows.

Yes, it rains in Key West, but no more than an hour during the rain season from June to October, and never more than 35 inches a year. Weather at the peak of the summer reaches 89º F (32º C) and the water temperature remains in the mid-80’s Fahrenheit (30º C).

Both the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, surround Key West. This condition is ideal for jet skis, sailing and boating around the island.

Flora and Fauna are also one of a kind with plants that most visitors have never seen before elsewhere and others that bring back Caribbean tropical depictions to their minds, such as coconut, banana, avocado, and mango trees.

Colorful blooming flowers are found on every street, filling the air with sweet perfume and exotic species, including Poinciana, banyan, and gumbo-limbo.

By the way, the city has more churches per capita than any other city in the United States.

Whether shopping, fishing, diving, snorkeling or just lying on the beach under the sun, you will find in Key West an atmosphere that you will not find in any other of the Florida Keys and probably no other place around the world.

In addition, when it comes to hospitality, more than half of the population is dedicated to the tourism industry, making sure that your visit will be pleasant. Travel agents, cab drivers, tour guides, restaurant workers, hotel employees, and many other people working at the hospitality community are waiting to serve you when visiting the city.

Some people say that Key West is also the ideal place to escape, whether running away after a divorce, quitting your job, or relocating. Ordinary people and artists alike have come to the city escaping from something, but finding themselves in paradise.

Relocating to Key West is not a bad idea after all. Once you get there for the first time, you will not want to leave, even though you may have to, coming back again and again until one fine day you find yourself moving here and escaping to the Conch Republic.

This imaginary nation in the Florida Keys could not have another home than Key West, “we seceded where others failed”, its slogan says, introducing you to a humor proper of locals who enjoy their small republic, unique in the United States.

Planning ahead of time your next vacation is an easy and convenient way to include Key West as the main destination or ending point of traveling throughout the Florida Keys.

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