Duval Street Key West

Duval Street is the main street in Key West and is known for its nightlife. The Street was named for William Pope Duval, the first territorial governor of Florida and was originally known as Calle de los Americanos (Street of the Americans), but it was later changed to Duval Street in honor of the governor.

The street is lined with bars, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

The southern end of Duval Street terminates at Mallory Square, which is home to the Sunset Celebration every evening. The celebration features live music, street performers, and a large number of food vendors.

The northern end of Duval Street is home to the Key West Shipwreck Museum, which features exhibits on several shipwrecks that have occurred in the area.

Duval Street is also home to the Hemingway House, which Ernest Hemingway lived here for over 8 years.

Today, Duval Street is one of the most popular places in the Florida keys.

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